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As a landscape photographer the majority of the time we are looking straight ahead at the vista that is directly infront of us.  I’m as guilty as the next person of doing so until recently, when I had the chance to have a work around Sheffield with a fellow photographer and friend Peter Dyer.

It was my first visit to Sheffield City Centre, so wasn’t sure what to expect, I had driven through it previously but never stopped.  I met Pete at the hotel I was staying in and we decided to have a bit of a walk about, was handy that Pete new the city as I wouldn’t have had a clue where to start.  We had a walk down to the train station to have a look at the fountains, I quite liked the metal wall with water running down the sides however felt that I couldn’t get the right angle to get a decent image and there was plenty of people about.  I thought we could return later when its lit up at night.

Moving on, we crossed the road and headed to ‘The HubSpace’ which is part of the Student Union, Pete had described them earlier as curling stones and I must agree he was right.

20160728-Sheffield III-Edit

Walking further into the city we came across a building that I have seen pictures of before and but from a distance by Karen Knight of RK Photographic and had always wanted to capture. To my knowledge it’s known as the ‘Cheese Grater’, not to be mistaken for the building by the same name in London.  I wanted to isolate the building and give the scene a minimalist look, which I managed to achieve eventually after numerous attempts. It seemed that every time I pointed my camera upwards it started to rain, not to heavy but enough to stop me taking the shot.

20160728-Sheffield IIII-Edit

We grabbed a quick drink in a very nice bar where there was a piano which played automatically that seemed to grab everyones attention when they walked by.  We headed to tackle the Cheese Grater from the other side next

20160727-Cheese Grater20160727-Cheese Grater II-Edit

I did get some strange looks pointing the camera upwards at a car park but felt it was worth it.

Sheffield has some amazing buildings around with great photographic potential which I hope you can see from the images.  The final shot I managed to capture was of a University building which there are many, this one was a part of the School of Music and looked like they had placed the soundproofing on the outside or wanted it to look like a huge wireless speaker.<a href="http://andrewatkinson.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/20160727-Sheffield-Music-Edit plavix medication.jpg”>20160727-Sheffield Music-Edit


After walking 7 miles around Sheffield we called it a day grabbed something to eat and went our separate ways until the next morning which we planned to visit the Peak District.

The day certainly made me think that we shouldn’t just be looking straight ahead when out but be aware of all your surroundings and need to look at all angles as you never know what you may miss.  Big thanks go  to Pete for the guided tour and great company.


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