It would be so easy to list some of the famous and great landscape photographers such as, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt or Michael Kenna. Whilst I do get inspiration from them I also get it from many photographers on Twitter or Facebook that are not so well know but equally produce some inspirational work.

In no particular order:

Ian Bramham – I first started to see Ian’s work on a photography forum and have followed him ever since.  His work in black & white is especially good in my opinion.

Andrew Gray – Based in Northumberland Andy isn’t scared to try something a little different with different techniques just don’t ask him to go outside the Northumberland borders :-). He produces some outstanding abstract work which he  spend hours fine tuning making sure he is happy with the end result.

Valda Bailey – A master in the art of multiple exposures photography, Valda produces some of the best work I have seen using this technique.

Doug Chinnery – Doug is a professional teacher, writer & photographer, his passion and enthusiasm for photography is infectious. If you get a chance go to one of his talks or on a workshop  you will see what I mean.

Ian Burton – Ian’s pinhole photography is outstanding, probably one of the reason’s why I started to use film again.

The above is just a selection of many people whose work I regularly view and admire, there are many more which I will add from time to time.