About Me

“I take pictures, usually in B&W and 9 out of 10 times they will be square.  Why? Because that’s what I like.”

I class myself as a landscape photographer, however it hasn’t always been that way. I studied photography for 4 years at Newcastle College of Art & Design completing my Diploma & HND in Design.  On completion of my studies, luck was on my side and managed to gain a position within a commercial photography studio based in Oxfordshire.

The pull of the North was too much and made a huge decision to move back, managing to get a job with an international telecommunications company on my return.  This didn’t stop my passion for photography, at the same time I started to shoot weddings & portraits, however my photography passion has always been landscapes and for the past 4 years this has been the direction I have taken my photography.

The last few years have been quite a journey and I made a conscious decision to understand what direction I wanted to take.  To do this I experimented with many different photography styles, spent time on workshops and bought books.  I even joined Facebook & Twitter, something I thought I would never have done, I’m glad I did as I have made some great friends and learnt a huge amount from other photographers.

Last year I decided to make an addition to my equipment list and bought a medium format film camera. I hadn’t shot film in some years and was slightly concerned for what this was going to cost, film isn’t cheap!! Well I must say it was a great decision, I love it. It really felt that for the first time that I was producing work for me, so much so I even framed some prints for the house.

If I was to give one piece of advice and it is a piece of advice I have heard time and time again from photographers that I admire; photograph what you want, how you want & for you, nobody else but yourself.


Past Exhibitions:

Joe Cornish Gallery – December 2013

Connected 2014 – Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham

Joe Cornish Gallery – July 2014

Connected 2015 – Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham

Joe Cornish Gallery – December 2015 – January 2016